Gotham – Selina kyle review

With the success of the pilot, now we’re dealing with the aftermath of Thomas and Martha Wayne and how it affects Gotham and its people in different ways as we delve deeper into the characters. We’ve learned a little bit more about Carmine Falcone and his family’s relationship to the Waynes and what Fish Mooney’s […]

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DC Comics Dominates Television!!

While Marvel Comics dominates the big screen movies, DC Comics dominates the small screen television with TV series such as Arrow and Gotham, along with the upcoming Flash, Constantine, iZombie, Titans, and Supergirl. They have hit almost every network, except for ABC, since it’s with Marvel and Disney. Since DC Entertainment was formed, they have […]

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Gotham – Pilot review

The day is finally here with the series premiere of Gotham, which is a backstory of how Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, and the rogues gallery will become their iconic comic book selves. This is an answer to Smallville, where it was a backstory to the Superman mythos. Upon watching it, it’s like watching a Batman […]

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Remembering 9/ 11

Today we remember the lives that are lost to this tragic day that changed America and the rest of the world. We also honor the heroes who have done their service to keep America and the world safe.

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Farewell Jimi Jamison 1951-2014

Jimi Jamison, second lead singer of the rock group Survivor, has passed away on August 31 by heart attack. He was 63 years old. Jamison replaced original lead vocalist, David Bickler, and under his tenure they produced several well-known hits including High On You and the Rocky 4 soundtrack, Burning Heart. He will be missed […]

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