Farewell Joan Rivers 1933-2014

Comedy legend and fashion police Joan Rivers has passed away today at the age of 81 due to complications from the throat surgery. She started out as part of the duo with Johnny Carson in a comedy show in the 1960’s and 70’s until she had her own comedy show, which caused her and Carson to never speak to each other again. Under her own comedy shows, she interviewed many of the celebrities in film, television, and music. After achieving in the comedy television world, she turned to fashion. Joan broke many barriers and paved the way for other women comedy stars. She is survived by her daughter, Melissa, and her contributions to the television world are cemented forever. Joan Rivers will be missed by all worldwide.

Farewell Jimi Jamison 1951-2014

Jimi Jamison, second lead singer of the rock group Survivor, has passed away on August 31 by heart attack. He was 63 years old. Jamison replaced original lead vocalist, David Bickler, and under his tenure they produced several well-known hits including High On You and the Rocky 4 soundtrack, Burning Heart. He will be missed by the rock community. 

Ace Frehley Space Invader Review

Ace Frehley has released his latest album called Space Invader since 2009’s Anomaly. This is said to be heavier than Anomaly. Upon hearing the whole album online, it is more than that. It’s a lot more catchier and more vibrant than Anomaly. Many of the tunes have grown on me pretty quick.

Ace is also known for doing great covers. On Anomaly, he covered Sweet’s Fox On The Run. In Space Invader, he covers Steve Miller’s song The Joker and it caused me to like it unexpectedly. It’s playing in my head.

Ace’s lead guitar work shines more in Space Invader than Anomaly as it’s reminiscent of KISS, but still his own solo signature. Like Anomaly, I’ve listened to Space Invader from top to bottom and there is not one track I didn’t like. That’s a sign of a great album.

The album comes out in regular CD, the Deluxe CD that has a poster and a couple of additional versions of Space Invader and Gimme A Feeling, and the Vinyl packaging. The artwork is done by Ken Kelly, who did both KISS’ Destroyer and Love Gun.

This album is a high recommender for KISS and Ace Frehley fans that is well-reviewed positively and is sold out in several Best Buys such as the one in San Diego. I expect Space Invader to chart a little bit higher than Anomaly. Great album from Ace overall. Did he outKissed KISS? You bet!!

Farewell Robin Williams 1951-2014

The world was shocked when actor Robin Williams passed away at the age of 63 after committing suicide. He had been battling depression for over 30 years despite the success he had as a film and TV star. Williams went to the same acting school as Superman Christopher Reeve and they both had a lifelong friendship since then until Reeve’s passing in 2004.

Robin Williams appeared in Happy Days that would lead to his own TV series called Mork and Mindy, where he played an alien superhero. He would go on into films such as Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poet Society, Good Will Hunting, Birdcage, Mrs. Doubtfire, Happy Feet, Bicentennial Man, and Aladdin. He even appeared in the music video from reggae artist Bobby McFaren on a song called Don’t Worry, Be Happy. Williams score an Oscar for Good Will Hunting with Best Supporting Actor.

Many of Robin Williams works are filled with comedic pathos and his contributions to the film and TV industry. He will be missed by the entire show business community. Robin, thank you for the great memories you brought us. You were one of a kind.