Nikita – Glass Houses review

As we’re getting close to the season finale, Nikita and Michael continue to work together concerning another Black Box as well as another Guardian. Michael has done well in working with Nikita, but things do get complicated as the Guardian has a family of her own and the plot involves her trying to leave the life of an assassin, which is where Nikita and Michael come in. While all this was going on, there are several major developments involving Alex as she and Jaden got into their final fight that was a culmination of their adversarial relationship from the start and Jaden ends up dead as she was shot by Alex’s love interest Nathan, who finds out what Alex does. As Alex was questioned by Amanda, things take a turn when Amanda finds out through the earpieces that Jaden had so that Division can listen in. Amanda shows what she can do physically as she now knows who Alex really is and how Nikita was always one step ahead of Division. Jaden is now another character who has died along with Thom, who has died in the midseason point of the show. This will lead into the next episode as this was another good one here.


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