Nikita – Betrayals review

The first of the two-part season finale deals with the theme of betrayal that has many meanings. This episode belongs to Percy and shows why he’s the main villain and why he is Division. Percy figured out that Nikita, Michael, and Alex are working together against him and has found out that Michael is siding with Nikita. He also showed Alex the truth about her father and as expected that Nikita was the one who did it. I had a feeling it was going to be a turning point between Nikita and Alex. We also figured out that Percy engineered the whole Black Box thing and as Michael sides with Nikita, Division ends up winning. Percy is ascending to the CIA and doesn’t trust anyone he knows, including even Amanda. Speaking of Amanda, we find out what she’s capable of as she figured out Alex’s secret that continued from the last episode. This is one of the best episodes of this season that has things coming together and the next episode should put a cap on it. Much, much better episode and I hope the show gets renewed for a second season.


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