Nikita – Pandora review

We are here in the season finale of the first season of Nikita with an episode that wraps up all storylines at the same time create new ones for a second season. Nikita was thought dead when she was shot by Alex and was revived by some toxin. Amanda did the same thing to Alex later on. A couple of cast members said that one of the series regulars will die, but from what we’ve seen no one has died. Only Alex has died briefly, but came back. The storylines of the Black Box and Alex going rogue have come to a head when Percy was steps ahead of Nikita when he put some kind of gas in the Black Box while he wants to be the head of the CIA. Alliances have shift in the season finale where Michael and Birkhoff are on Nikita’s side while Alex is now against Nikita after learning the full truth of her killing her family. The season finale was action-packed from start to finish and was a great way to end its first season. Nikita herself shined in this one along with Amanda who was at her most human when she does have a heart underneath the cold exterior. Great episode that continued from Betrayals. I hope Nikita is renewed for a second season.


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