Voltron Force – Coran Coran review

The Voltron Force series is off to a good start after the airing of the pilot movie where the Voltron Force are working out some rust after being apart for 5-8 years. They worked on their teamwork in and out of the lions. The tensions in the pilot have carried over to this episode between Keith and Lance. This was a good call for the Voltron Force to work things out among themselves without the cadets. Speaking of the cadets, they have their own problems when they deal with a impostor Coran cyborg and Vince’s storyline from the pilot has carried over where he gains power relating to technology in contrast to Daniel and Larmina’s Voltcom weapons. The episode deals with Coran’s return to the team and Wade is the main villain of the episode as Lotor and his empire are not. It was interesting to see them form Voltron early in the episode as this breaks the formula that the original series was known for as Voltron would only be formed when a Robeast is around. Great start to the full-fledged Voltron Force series after the pilot as I look forward to more new episodes.


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