Transformers Prime – CrissCross review

The latest story-arc involving Silas and Mech continues from last episode Operation Breakdown. Every action has its consequences as Mech’s actions on Breakdown has gotten the attention of Arachnid, who makes a deal with them to get revenge on both Arcee and Jack. This was also a sequel to Predatory as that episode. If you put together Convoy with Predatory, Operation Breakdown, and Crisscross, you have a Transformers Prime movie involving Mech.

We also get to see Jack’s mother, which her name is June, from the pilot episode Darkness Rising and we learn through her how the association with the Autobots is affecting Jack’s life. The big change is that Arachnid may be a triple changer who can transform into a helicopter in addition to both her robot and spider forms as the rivalry between her and Arcee continues. The episode refers to things intersecting such as Arachnid meeting Silas while Jack’s mother meeting the Autobots. Another great episode that gets better.


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