Voltron Force – The Hunkyard review

The Hunkyard focuses on Hunk and his bonding with the cadets. We learn more about Hunk through his secret personalized junkyard. The episode addresses his lack of bonding with the cadets the way the rest of the Voltron Force have – Daniel mentored by Keith and Lance, Vince mentored by Pidge, and Larmina mentored by her aunt Allura. This also marks the first episode without either King Lotor or Sky Marshall Wade.

Voltron gets another new formation with the Yellow :Lion at the center and its weapon is the Blazing Mace. The Voltron Force discover that Vince is the key to unlocking the secret new powers of Voltron.

Speaking of that, since Vince has a purpose for Voltron I have to wonder where Daniel and Larmina fit into this whole thing. The cadets have their team bonding issues that were solved by Hunk himself. Things move forward when they let Hunk in on their secret lair.

The only villains are Wade’s leftover robots that are powered by Haggarium, which stems from the last battle involving them and the Drule Empire. They were able to form the giant version of Wade’s robots. It was also good to see the Black Lion still forming the head and torso and the Blazing Sword after last week’s brutal game changer. When Voltron formed the Blazing Sword, he did it as a nod to the Vehicle Voltron.

This was another great episode as this series keeps getting better and better. I’m loving it so far and look forward to new episodes.


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