Transformers Prime – Rock Bottom review

Rock Bottom continued the partnership of Arcee and Bulkhead from the last episode, Metal Attraction. These two episodes seemed to sum up of which characters to focus on – Arcee, Bulkhead, Jack, and Miko – for this first season. Megatron and Starscream are the only Decepticons to appear out of their side and we find out through Megatron what Starscream had been doing in his absence, not to mention Megatron being aware of Starscream’s activities since his resurrection. Interesting to see how Jack and Miko bond with their Autobot partners. This also marks the first time Jack encountered Megatron and has him ponder what Optimus Prime would have done. I hope the next episode focuses on the other Autobots. We also get to see Miko being pushed to her limits. Good solid episode for the series.


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