Young Justice Season One Volume One DVD review

I was fortunate in buying the Young Justice Season 1 Volume 1 DVD that contains only the first four episodes of the teenage superhero series, Young Justice. The pilot episode used in the DVD was the two-part version and this was mainly about the teenage sidekicks coming together, touring their new headquarters, and undergoing their first-ever mission for the Justice League as a team. Artemis is not in the first four episodes and she doesn’t join until the 6th episode. Speedy would break off on his own to become Red Arrow after being disillusioned with the JLA treating them as sidekicks. Miss Martian is not in the first part of the pilot, but appears at the end of the second part of the Pilot.  The video is presented in widescreen and the sound is 5.1 surround and they’re both pretty crisp. There are no special features, except for the trailers and the packing is like the other DCU sample volumes. It’s a good DVD for those who just got into Young Justice and I don’t regret buying it.


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