Thundercats Series Premiere review

Thundercats return with a new reimagined and rebooted series premiere that has an anime art style and epic quality to it, which the same was done for the 2002 Masters of the Universe series. The characters are younger and more accessible than the originals. It’s about Lion-O trying to impress his father, Klaudius, and his elders and fate has come very soon when we have the return of Mumm-Ra and a betrayal within the Thundercats.

We have Lion-O’s romantic feelings with Cheetara, whom we find out is one of the clerics. Tygra is Lion-O’s adopted brother who does everything perfect and flawless which causes a sibling rivalry between the two. Then we have Wilykit and Wilykat, two young cat orphans who come across as cute and loveable and then we have Snark, who doesn’t talk like the original version did. There is a wise sage named Jaga, who serves as counsel to both Klaudius and Lion-O.

It’s also a passing of the torch as Klaudius is voiced by the original voice actor who played Lion-O from the original series. There’s a Lion King feel to it with the King falls and the Prince takes over. There was parallels of father and son when they fell from the tree in the middle of a fountain.

The animation and voice acting is impressive and it’s miles better than the original series. I wasn’t into the original Thundercats back in the 80’s, but I’m definitely going to make that up by being into this new rebooted series. It’s off to an impressive start and I hope Cartoon Network doesn’t screw up it’s scheduling like they did the 2002 He-Man series. The 80’s revival is mostly complete.


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