Thundercats – Journey To The Temple of Omens review

The one thing that may separate this new Thundercats series from the original 80’s series is the over-arching storylines such as searching for the Book of Omens as that arc has officially ended, but not in the way we think. We see the entire Thundercats working together as a team and individually as each member contributes in overcoming the Temple of Omens’ obstacles and traps. The journey is what the viewers enjoyed and we got to see them take on  Mumm-Ra, who transforms into a muscular body.

There is history between the Thundercats and Mumm-Ra when he commanded the military aspect. The ancestors of Lion-O and Tygra bear uncanny resemblances to them. We also see that Mumm-Ra has his personalized transport that can rival the Thundertank.

Also, we learn more things about the ancient Thundercats and the clerics and why they have hid the Book of Omens from anybody. Out of all the Thundercats, I’d see Cheetara is the one who shines the most as she believes in Lion-O, who seemed to have trouble activating sight beyond sight from his Sword of Omens. She also put herself on the line in protecting Jaga, but his final fate was sealed.

This is among the best episode of the Thundercats since the premiere. They feel like live-action Thundercats movies and I wish they were like this.


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