Thundercats – The Duelist and The Drifter review

After riding the momentum of the last two great episodes, they decided not to try to top them and went the filler route where Lion-O goes to a town to get supplies, but it’s a town of swordsmanship and dueling. He is caught between both the Dueler and Drifter who have history with each other as this was a clever way to tie the two together. Lion-O’s overconfidence and ego has caused him to lose his Sword of Omens to the Duelist, but this has not caused Lion-O to give up like it did to the Drifter. Lion-O’s determination has reawakened the Drifter and ignited a new purpose for him. While the sword fights between Lion-O and the Duelist are good, it does nothing to advance his or the rest of the Thundercats story. Speaking of the Thundercats, they’re trying to use the Book of Omens to power up the Thundertank and weren’t happy that Lion-O took too long. It could have easily been about Lion-O, but it wasn’t as this was about Lion-O and Snarf. I see nods to the great Samurai movies of the past. A good filler episode at best.


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