Justice League #1 review

After a couple of weeks of trying to get a copy, I finally got one today from a Barnes and Nobles bookstore. Upon reading it, it’s mostly about Batman and Green Lantern whom are the favorites of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee that are doing the book. Their dialogue is like reading Christian Bale and Ryan Reynolds. However, they’re not the only heroes in the first issue as it also has Superman and Victor Stone before his Cyborg days. Since Batman and Green Lantern’s continuities are intact in this reboot,, it’s clear to me that they’re trying to build the new DCU around them. Unfortunately, it’s not the case when Action Comics is selling like hotcakes and if anyone symbolized the reboot the most, it’s Superman himself. This is an enjoyable read as it could be up there with the previous runs of Grant Morrison and Brad Meltzer. The art and writing are superb as they’re treating this like a widescreen live-action or animated Justice League movie for the 21st Century. Highly recommended for the casual reader as it’s selling around 186, 000 copies and could easily be the top book of this year, but Action Comics might also take the cake as well. We don’t see the rest of the heroes yet as the story has Batman and Green Lantern gathering the other heroes that will pan out in the next several issues. It’s going to be one heck of a ride.


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