Transformers Prime – One Shall Fall review

After the last couple of episodes that focused on certain relationships while other characters were absent, we are at the start of the season finale with One Shall Fall where the Decepticons steal materials to build a new Decepticon space bridge to bring the resurrected Cybertronians while Megatron has visions of Unicron being in the volcano. He also infects Raf with Dark Energon as this brings out a side of Bumblebee never seen before but both Bulkhead and Arcee prevent him from acting out of revenge. Ratchet also sees his ignorance of not learning about Earth technology this entire time. Since Starscream’s departure from the Decepticons, Knockout has stepped up as Megatron’s new second-in-command and doctor as he’s their equivalent to Ratchet. We also get another fight between Optimus Prime and Megatron for the first time since the premiere pilot movie, Darkness Rising. No Starscream or Mech in this episode, but I wonder if they will be in the 3-parter, One Shall Rise. This is one of the best episodes of the season. I hope the momentum continues in One Shall Rise.


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