Batgirl #1 review

With the new rebooted DCU titles selling out, I manage to find another title to buy from Toys R Us and that’s Batgirl #1 written by comics favorite Gail Simone. Not only is this one of the anticipated titles, it has the return of Barbara Gordon back to her rightful role as the original and real Batgirl. Barbara is getting back into the groove of field crimefighting after being behind the computers as Oracle helping out Batman, the Bat-Family, the Justice League, and the Birds of Prey. She tries to work out some rust while she remembers being shot by the Joker that left her paralyzed from the waist down and was riding on a wheelchair. Her Bat-Suit is like the original, but more detailed and high-sleek. The end of the issue does take a turn for Barbara’s return as Batgirl. The art by Adrian Syaf puts him with the likes of Jim Lee, Ed Benes, David Finch, and Frank Quitely. He’s going to make waves through his run on Batgirl. I highly recommend this issue as it’s among the titles to sell out and getting additional printings.


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