Transformers Prime – One Shall Rise Part 2 review

The season finale continues with part 2 where the Autobots have the most unlikely ally of all time – Megatron , leader of the Decepticons, who proposed this alliance to the Autobots after being rejected by Unicron. Megatron was able to accomplish what Starscream failed to do in most of the season – he got to be inside the Autobots’ base. Both Jack and Raf are angry at the sight of Megatron, especially Raf who is usually an intellectual type. There was great action when the Autobots and Megatron took on Unicron’s minions. They’ve found a way to integrate Unicron into the show and made him realistic. I will bet you that this was one of the ideas that Orci and Kurtzman had if they did another live-action Transformers movie. Another great episode as I look forward to the third and final part.


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