Thundercats – Berbils review

After a hiatus since the last episode the Duelist and Drifter where it focused mainly on Lion-O, we are back with an episode that focuses on the Thundercats and the fan favorite Berbils, cute robot bears who are designed to build things and transform into roller balls. Among them is building their home and helping the Thundercats repair the Thundertank with a new engine and new modifications, even though Panthro doesn’t like it. However, their skills have eventually won Panthro over and Panthro showed his soft side towards them after being weary of them. Both Wilykit and Wilykat have their moment when they started eating the Berbil’s candy food that causes them to go hyper. The Thundercats help the Berbils take on the giants and dogs as everyone in the team contributed, even Snarf. I felt this was a better episode than Duelist and Drifter as the Berbils served their purpose in getting the Thundertank rolling. Besides Lion-O, Panthro and the twins got development as this leaves Tygra and Cheetara. I hope they’ll get theirs in the next several episodes as this was another great episode and the series keeps getting better and better.


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