Thundercats – Sight Beyond Sight review

The Thundercats’ quest for the stones has truly begun and the Thundertank is in high gear thanks to the repairs by the Berbils from last episode. We get to see what the Thundertank can really do until they come across the Elephant Village, where the Thundercats have detected the stone there. Because the Elephant people have forgotten where it is, Lion-O tries to use his sword to give sight beyond sight in an attempt to locate the stone. Meanwhile, a swarm of insects have taken the Elephant people’s harvest as the Thundercats tried to do something about it, but there is consequences so gigantic. It’s interesting to see how Wilykit and Wilykat have bonded with the Elephant people than the rest of the cats. This episode will continue into the next episode as the Elephant people served their purpose in the Thundercats’ search for the stones. This series gets better and better as this was a solid episode.


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