Voltron The Final Battle DVD review

I bought the second Voltron DVD Final Battle for $10 and it’s a follow-up to Voltron: The Legend Begins DVD. This DVD is the final eight episodes of the first season where Voltron and its pilots battle the most difficult challenges such as a powerful comet, Coran’s evil son, Zarkon Robeast, and finally the newly-crowned King Lotor himself. Unlike the Legend Begins DVD, this doesn’t have much Robeast action but Voltron is used a lot here and somewhere towards the end of the first season, the formula seems to have changed from Robeasts of the Week to something else. While we have the Voltron Force and Coran, it’s the side characters who were emphasized such as Sven, Princess Romelle, and Prince Bandor who aided the Voltron Force in defeated the Drule Empire. We also have appearances of characters from the Vehicle Voltron series. It’s like a movie where we see the final fight between the Voltron Force and the Drule Empire as this is why the DVD is called the Final Battle. While the animation is dated, the story is epic.


The video transfer is remastered and crisp while the audio holds up very well. The DVD is for either the casual viewer who watches the new Voltron Force series or couldn’t get the previous DVD releases by Media Blasters. The extras consists of the top 5 powers of Voltron from the new Voltron Force series and the Blazing Sword Voltron figure. This is a great follow-up to the Legend Begins so you have 15 episodes of the original Voltron series. It’s a high recommender for the aforementioned types of collectors.


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