Voltron Force – Rogue Trip review

Rogue Trip is the episode that is a nod to fans of the original Voltron series, but also explores the dark side of Voltron fandom. This also has the potential to create the schism between old and new Voltron fans. We have the return of the Classic Lion Voltron and the debut of Awesometron while the lions become sentient. Lotor and Wade are not in this episode.

Seeing as there are eight pilots, the cadets have their own vehicles that combine to form a robot named Awesometron, who may become Voltron’s sidekick much like the space mice were in the original series when they had their robot mouse. They go on a road trip to Earth to get pizza and this is where things got interesting for the cadets as Larmina continues to open up as she experiences the things she missed out on when she was growing up in Arus that consists of martial arts training and royalty heritage. They meet an egotistical, obsessed Voltron fan named Dudley who wants to get rid of the cadets. Dudley is based on one of the producers of the Voltron Force series. This has lots of easter eggs such as the uniforms, weapons, and the original castle control room. We also have the replica of the original Castle of Lions. But none of that was compared to replica of the Classic Lion Voltron, who looked good in CGI and I wonder why they didn’t use him instead of the new sleeker Voltron. Without the current Voltron, the Classic Voltron appeared instead. Dudley’s purpose is to make the cadets respect what came before even if he had sinister intentions.

They addressed the leadership issue among the Voltron Force as Keith had to step up once again to be the Alpha leader he always will be and I saw this problem when the show first started. The lions felt they were being used as tools instead of partners and this is why they rejected the rest of the pilots from them. I wonder if this is what got Wade rejected as well. If Dudley were to try out for Voltron Force membership, he’d be rejected as well due to his personality. The bond between the pilots and Lions is forged stronger than ever as this is what the people of Ariel were alluding to. It’s funny to see Keith in that hiker outfit other than his uniform.

This episode marked the first mention of Sven along with his uniform being shown. I feel this is a foreshadow of Sven’s return in the next couple of episodes. By showing the momentos of the original series, this series is in the same continuity as the old series no question about it.

The episode started with the cadets eating pizza and ends with the Voltron Force eating pizza. It was a good episode, but I was hoping to see the Classic Lion Voltron against the current Lion Voltron as this would’ve been a Voltron Vs. Voltron Round 2. I hope we see the Classic Lion Voltron again down the road.


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