Green Lantern Series Premiere review

I admit I’m not a big fan of Green Lantern and I didn’t watch the live-action movie, but the reviews were mostly negative and rightfully so. I almost didn’t want to watch the series premiere of Green Lantern animated series, but I eventually had to since it came on after Young Justice. Upon watching it, I was impressed as it changed my feelings towards it as this was miles better than the live-action movie. We have a fully-formed Hal Jordan who is established as Green Lantern instead of an origin,which both Justice League: New Frontier and the live-action depicted, and get right into the mythos. There’s lots of action, drama, and character relationships in this episode especially where Hal Jordan is concerned. Sinestro is not the villain nor does he appear in this, but the Red Lanterns are now the established enemies. However, the Red Lanterns have a clear goal that made you want to sympathize with them, but you can’t in the end as their actions say different. Carol Ferris has a very small role in the beginning.


The premiere has that Star Wars feel to it and the designs are by Bruce Timm as they’re translated well from traditional 2-D cel to 3-D CGiI. Since he’s producing it, this could easily take place in the same universe as Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, and Justice League/ Unlimited. I think this new show will see what Hal Jordan is up to while both Kyle Rayner and John Stewart defend Earth. This is a high recommender for me and it can be watched again and again.


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