Young Justice – Disorder review

Disorder marks the debut of the Forever People of New Genesis who have come to Earth to take back Sphere, which is held by Superboy. The sphere turns out to be a Super-Cycle and this conflict between Superboy and the Forever People is loosely based on the story in the old Young Justice comics. The main villains are Desaad and what I assume to be Bruno Mannheim and Intergang. While that was going on, this is also a continuation of last week’s episode where the rest of the team is dealing with the aftershocks of the virtual reality test. All of the team members go to Black Canary for counseling as they reveal their confessions and Superboy’s turns out to be the most disturbing. It’s any wonder why Superman wants nothing to do with him from the start. This was a good showcase for the Forever People as the show keeps getting better and better.


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