Nikita – The Guardians review

The midseason finale has things coming to a head and it’s part of a three-episode arc involving the clean sweeps of all secrets Division is hiding. The episode involves the Black Boxes, which Golgom is planning to use against Division now that their deal has changed. With Nikita and Michael separated, Owen comes into the picture at a very awkward time and Nikita is opening up to Owen that she hasn’t with Michael. The problem here is that with Nikita and Michael, it’s all work and nothing else as they have this cause of taking down Division, Oversight, Golgom, and now the Guardians. With Michael just returning from seeing his son, Max, we have the triangle going on with he, Nikita, and Owen. There’s not going to much action involving Nikita because Maggie Q has sustained injuries on the set as she tries to heal from them.

The relationship between Percy and Amanda has gotten more interesting where Amanda found out that Percy caused Alex to leave Division. She also discovers that Percy is still operating even in confinement. We may see a turning point between Amanda and Alex in the midst of this three-episode arc.

Speaking of Alex, she’s now on the path of going after the man who ordered her parents dead. Without Nikita or Division involved, she’s on a dark path to no return and Golgom wants her dead more than ever. There are flashbacks of young Alex and her father in the forests where she returns in the present. I’m starting to think that Alex doesn’t really fit into Nikita and Michael’s plans, but rather somewhat extraneous. I hope the producers and writers can fix this problem of Alex’s integration a lot better. Overall, a good mid-seasoner for the show’s second season.


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