Thundercats – Snarf Butterflies Blues review

With the first season of the new Thundercats over, we have a cartoon short involving Snarf and baby Lion-O. It’s revealed that Snarf has helped raise Lion-O with some cute trouble and mischief involving butterflies. Snarf had trouble catching Lion-O until the end. The only other person who appears in this is Lion-O’s father, King Claudus. The cartoon short takes place in the new Thundercats series years before the series premiere and it’s done in the Looney Toons style. There should be a full-fledged series of this to fill up some Thundercats void. If the second Thundercats DVD is released, I hope they include this.  What’s amazing here is that Ben Jones is still around to do the storyboards and his name is prominent in the animation field. It was a great cartoon short overall.


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