Transformers Rescue Bots – Series Premiere review

As we wait for the second season of Transformers Prime, which will premiere of February 2012, we get another new Transformers series aimed at children called The Rescue Bots based on the toyline. It’s about four Autobots coming to Earth to aid the humans in law enforcement and rescue missions. They are bonded with a family of public service officers. The four Autobots are Heatwave (Fire Truck), Chase (Police Car), Boulder (Construction), and Blades (Helicopter). They are sanctioned by Autobot leader, Optimus Prime. There are no Decepticons in the series, but just human-related obstacles such as a rampaging robot dinosaur and a spilling lava. This may be the first Transformers series without Decepticons, but that could change as the show progresses. Optimus Prime is voiced by Peter Cullen and appears in a cameo basis as opposed to regular character status. He will appear depending on the story.

The human characters are the Burn Family, who are into public service with the exception of the youngest child, Cody. Charles Burns is the police officer and father, Cade Burns is a firefighter, Graham Burns is the construction contractor, and Danny (short for Danielle) Burns is the helicopter pilot. Only Charles knows the Autobots secret until the rest of the family knows about it, but their reactions and problems with the Autobots make for a great series story. Out of the partnerships, Charles/ Chase and Graham/ Boulder are the most successfully partnerships while Cade/ Heatwave and Danny/ Blades are the rockier of the four. It was up to Cody to be the liaison between them to able to work together.

The series is off to a great start and it uses mostly flash animation as opposed to CGI that’s used in Transformers Prime. What is not known is whether this is in the same universe as TF Prime or a different universe. In many ways, people think it’s a successor to the previous Transformers series, Animated. History is made by having two Transformers series airing in the same network in the Hub. The only other franchise that did this was Star Trek when they had both Deep Space Nine and Voyager on the same network. It’s going to be interesting to see how they can sustain the series without the Decepticons, but I’m in for the ride.


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