Nikita – Clean Sweep review

We are back with from a hiatus with an episode that picks up where last episode left off where Nikita and her rebel gang save Division from Percy and Oversight’s trap involving gas that would have created a mass grave. There were several things that moved forward. Finally Percy is free from his confinement because he spent the first half of the season there and viewers wondered if he will ever escape. There was an insider for Percy revealed and it’s whom Amanda suspected, Roan. Nikita and her team manages to avert cleansweep, but Percy, Roan, and their people are out there trying to find other ways to destroy Division. Also, Amanda is out of Oversight’s control. Sean’s mother offers Nikita and her group Presidential pardon if they can take out Division without exposing to the public. Now it seems that both Nikita and Percy want to take out Division for different reasons and this will be the focus for the 2nd season’s second half, but they’re still enemies as well. It’s likely a three-way war between Nikita, Percy ,and Division we have and we look forward to see how it’s resolved. Overall, great episode packed with lots of action and suspense with the stakes amped up.


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