Transformers Prime – Orion Pax Part 1 review

We are back for the second season that picks up where last season left where Optimus Prime loses his memories and the wisdom of the Primes after unleashing the power of the Matrix on Unicron. We see Optimus Prime in his devolved state into Cybertronian archivist named Orion Pax and has joined the Decepticons, which Megatron takes advantage of for accessing the Cybertronian archives. Meanwhile, the Autobots are struggling to carry on without Prime but Arcee has stepped up in her character moment when she goes inside the Decepticon ship to try to find and rescue Prime, but Soundwave outsmarted her in the end. We also see the return of Starscream as he tries to steal energon from the Decepticon ship, but meets Optimus Prime/ Orion Pax in the end. It’s a good start to the second season of the Transformers Prime.


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