Transformers Prime – Orion Pax part 2 review

The second part of the second season premiere Orion Pax has Orion meeting Starscream and discovering truths about himself, even though we may not know how much he uncovered. Starscream is playing his role as the wild card to the current situation between the Autobots and Decepticons. We learn that Jack wanted to be an astronaut when he was a kid and in a way, his wish is being fulfilled when he goes to Cybertron with Arcee using the Vector Sigma key Optimus gave him last season. Starscream got out of the Decepticon ship mostly safe, but he was shot down by them. Everyone has character moments, especially with Arcee when she returned to Cybertron for the first time. The end has an appearance by some sort of Insecticon, whom I hope will be an addition to the second season cast. This is another great episode as this series keeps getting better.


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