Young Justice – Coldhearted review

The episode gives Kid Flash Wally West a much-needed, long overdue character development. Today is his birthday and he’s celebrating it with his family and friends. However, he experiences the downside to his birthday where he finds out that Superboy and Miss Martian are an item and that he’s not part of the main mission involving the Justice League and his teammates. Instead, Batman assigns him to deliver a heart transplant to a young girl queen from Boston to Seattle. This is actually based on the first issue of the Wally West Flash comic series involving a heart transplant delivery where he was the new Flash at the time. The villain of that issue was Vandal Savage. He also appears in the episode to stop Wally from delivering the transplant, but he’s not the main villain of the episode – Count Vertigo is. This would have been the darkest episode had it not been for the twist at the end that was very well-executed. While that was going on, the rest of the team took out the flying fortress that’s producing snow all over the nation. A good episode for Kid Flash here.


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