Voltron Force – I, Voltron review

After the last couple of episodes that had less Voltron, this latest episode has probably the most Voltron than any other episode. The premise of the story is that Daniel’s brain is inside Voltron after he tries on one of Vince’s experiments and Daniel ends up taking Voltron into space to go on a solo act. At the same time we have the returning Wade, whom we haven’t seen since Clash of the Lions as he’s found guilty and escapes with the returning Kala, whom we haven’t seen since the pilot movie. They explained what happened between Wade and Kala from the pilot as their minds merged, but they’re not the only ones as Daniel and Vince also developed telepathy after Vince rescued Daniel’s brain. I like the look Keith gave Daniel at the end and I hope Daniel gets benched for the next episode. We also learned Wade’s full name – Herbert Wade. You know Wade has an interesting point – Daniel controlling Voltron isn’t much different than what Wade did. If Daniel isn’t going to learn anything despite saying that he does, I can’t see him lasting this long after the first season ends and if the show gets a second season. This was a better episode than last week’s.


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