Voltron Force – Crossed Signals review

After last week that saw Daniel become Voltron, they continued his prominence where they were able to form Voltron without Keith as Daniel pilots the Black Lion. This has me concerned in that if Keith were to be replaced, I’m not sure if I want to see a Voltron Force without him. Even when they formed Voltron without Keith, they were still struggling with Haggarium until the old Arusian ship sacrificed itself to save Voltron. The telepathy between Daniel and Vince is causing friction among the cadets between them and Larmina until they reveal their secret to her, but we didn’t see Larmina’s reaction to it. The hook of the episode was for the Voltron Force to investigate Arusian and Drule ships from 100 years ago where the crew were sending out messages at what we first thought was Keith, but after investigating further, they were referring to his ancestor, Kenneth, who was the Knight of Arus. This revelation now has Keith being Arusian and more than ever we may see the union between Keith and Allura happening. I didn’t like how Keith was written in this episode and the writers didn’t do a great job with him. A good episode at best, but not one of my favorites even though I enjoyed Keith and Allura exploring the ship more than the Voltron Force forming Voltron without Keith.


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