Thundercats – The Trials of Lion-0 Part 1 review

The first part of the Trials of Lion-O is a nod to the original series that has the similar story, but with a twist where Lion-O is apparently dead as he was stuck underwater while trying to save Wilykit,. I find it odd that neither Cheetara and Panthro didn’t save Lion-O during his fall with either her speed or his cybernetic arm stretch. Ever since Between Brothers, it seems that everyone is against Lion-O. I did like that Lion-O shook the tree and Tygra fell. The new evil generals have proven to be more useful than Grune and Slithe’s stock has picked up since then when he got the Sword of Omens. In the trials, Lion-O encounters the spirits of Wilykit, Wilykat, and Cheetara where if he defeats them, he would go to other realms or levels. During the trials, he still hasn’t learned anything yet. I look forward to seeing Lion-O taking on both Panthro and Tygra in part two as this was a good episode.


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