Transformers Prime – Crossfires review

The Decepticons are falling apart with their ranks reducing. In addition to Starscream going rogue, so now has Arachnid and this is the first time we’ve seen her since the first season finale, One Shall Rise, after she was humiliated in front of the Decepticons by Shockwave. This is also the continuation of Loose Cannons in terms of Dreadwing trying to prove himself to Megatron to become the new second-in-command, which he eventually does. What is interesting about this is that a Decepticon would never rise up to the leadership as long as Megatron was there. The highest they can go up to is second-in-command as both Starscream and Arachnid found out. In the end, Arachnid goes rogue once again and leads her own group called the Insecticons that are lurking in Earth’s underground. Breakdown dies at the hands of Arachnid and his remains were gathered by Mech that will lead into the next episode. I wonder what Knockout’s reaction to Breakdown’s death is. Even though the Autobots appear in the episode, it was more of a Decepticon episode. This is the second episode where the humans do not appear. A great episode overall as the second season may be in a position to be better than the first.


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