Voltron Force – Roots of Evil review

Roots of Evil is about a transition from one chapter to another. Allura was at a crossroads between becoming the Queen of Arus or full-time membership in the Voltron Force, but she can’t have both. With her father King Randor not around physically yet spiritually, it was time for Allura to become Queen and it was long overdue. I had a feeling that this would happen. The transition from her to Larmina was well-handled. Larmina is no longer a cadet and the first of the cadets to become a full-fledged member of the Voltron Force and third pilot of the Blue Lion after Sven and Allura. Because of this, things will be different between her, Daniel, and Vince. I was glad that Keith came down on Allura for abandoning the Blue Lion just to save a mere farmer. I agree with Keith and Lance that Allura can’t be both.

Larmina was the most ready of the cadets as she was trained since she was little, so she would know how to fly the Blue Lion from Allura. If either Keith or Lance were to be replaced by Daniel, I hope they save for last. I can see Vince replacing Pidge next during the next three episodes.

Speaking of Daniel, this thing with him being infected with Haggarium was something that was spoiled from the Facebook when the graphic novel came out on Tuesday. He was infected since I, Voltron and it makes sense considering how Wade and Kala did it when they cocooned him when his brain was in Voltron. With his Haggarium infection, he would be rejected by Voltron unless Vince can cure him. If they did that, then we have to ask ourselves – why didn’t they bring in Vince to Crydor to cure Sven? There is friction among the cadets and between the cadets and the Voltron Force over now both the telepathy and the Haggarium infection.

Lotor and Maahox’s stocks as villains are getting back up after planting Haggarium seeds in Arus’ underground that would threaten to destroy the planet from within. Now we learn why Lotor needed Maahox to help keep the Drule Empire going. I thought this was a better episode than last week’s after seeing how Keith was badly written in Crossed Signals.


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