Voltron Force Vol.1 Shelter From The Storm review

VizKids has just released the first Voltron Force graphic novel based on the new Voltron Force series. This marks the first-ever product to be released based on the series. After reading the graphic novel, I would say this would take place between I,Voltron and Roots of Evil, not afterwards as originally thought due to Larmina just becoming the new pilot of the Blue Lion. In the story, Keith has become very stern towards the cadets and rightfully so, but this is something we should have seen in the TV show. Bryan Smith, who wrote the graphic novel has done a pretty good job writing Keith than the writers of the Voltron Force TV series. Maahox creates a Robeast that dwells on the fears of its victims, most notable the cadets and there are some foreshadowings concerning them that may come true in the final three episodes of the season. The art is pretty good and I was glad to get a copy of this, along with Voltron Year One all in the same day. This is a good week to be a Voltron Force. Excellent first volume of the graphic novel series.


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