Green Lantern – Reckoning review

Reckoning is the sequel to Razer’s Edge where Razer goes after Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns for abandoning him after they had him destroy a planet. It looked Razer would betray Hal Jordan, Kilowog, and Aya but he disabled their ship so that they wouldn’t stop him from going after Atrocitus. Hal’s leadership is starting to come through when he discovers the background of the Red Lanterns and chewed out Razer for his actions that put them in danger. Aya has become useful until she was immobilized by Atrocitus. I wasn’t surprised that Atrocitus was the one who killed Razer’s wife and destroyed his home because the Red Lantern ring suspiciously appeared right after his wife’s death. In the end, we see Red Lantern warships aiming for Oa as the Green Lanterns need more GL’s than ever. A good episode as this series gets better and better.


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