Thundercats – Native Son review

After the two-parter Trials of Lion-O, we go into Native Son that focuses on only Lion-O and Tygra. None of the other Thundercats appear in this. Both Lion-O and Tygra were trying to find a shortcut in the snowy mountains and they encounter a Tiger Clan village where we learn Tygra’s full origin of being adopted by Claudus and Lion-O’s mother and the circumstances that lead to it. Tygra’s character flaw is that he doesn’t want to admit he’s wrong and his loneliness, jealousy, and resentment has come to the fore. Lion-O has become wiser since the trials and is still mischievous when he threw a couple of snowballs at Tygra. Interesting here is that Lion-O being closer to Tygra’s real father is a reversal to Tygra’s closeness to Claudus back in the pilot. Tygra’s relationship with his father is one of anger and resentment and at the end reconciliation and forgiveness that’s a throwback to the pilot.

I had a feeling that the Tiger clan would turn out to be demons when they were cursed and Tygra saved them all, but they were in-between life and death as they were all gone. Tygra is perhaps the last surviving member of the Tiger Clan. Also to note that the Tiger Clan were isolated from the rest of the cat clans in Thundera due to their history with Mumm-Ra. They should have introduced Bengali and I was hoping the Tiger clan would join the Thundercats.

We now see the real source of Tygra’s jealousy and resentment towards Lion-O since the day he was born. Lion-O’s mother told him he couldn’t be king because he wasn’t part of the bloodline. Seeing that Lion-O’s mother passed away giving birth to Lion-O, we go back to Between Brothers where Tygra accused of Lion-O of taking her away. At first I thought he was referring to Cheetara, but it was really Lion-O’s mother. I have to say Lion-O’s mother looked hot. A great episode for Tygra and his development because Tygra hasn’t had an episode devoted to him.


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