Green Lantern – Fear Itself review

Fear Itself has Hal Jordan and Kilowog searching for food as they stop at a planet ruled by a tribe that looked similar to Kilowog and an organic jellyfish-like miner race. They were at odds with each other over the yellow crystals that negate the Green Lantern rings. Both Hal and Kilowog were on opposite sides of the fence with Hal siding with the jellyfishes and Kilowog with the tribe. Eventually, it resulted in their fight that ended with Hal getting through to Kilowog. We got to see Kilowog’s worst fears, but we never got to see Hal’s as this was the second time. This makes me wonder if Hal is the focus of the series. Meanwhile after getting so much focus in last episode, Razer’s storyline in recharging his Red Lantern ring was minimalized as he tries to push Aya away from him and despite no longer with the Red Lantern Corps, the red ring is still with him. Aya is still nursing injuries from her encounter with Atrocitus. It was an okay episode here, nothing major except that the clues concerning yellow should lead to Sinestro’s eventual debut in the series.


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