Transformers Prime – Armada review

I have to admit when I first heard the episode title, I thought it would be a nod to the Transformers Armada series (it’s been 10 years) involving Minicons, but there are no Minicons in this show. After last week’s recap episode through Agent Fowler’s viewpoint, we dive into the story where Bulkhead got himself stuck inside the Decepticon warship while encountering what he thought was the real Starscream. I thought Bulkhead killed the real Starscream and it turned out that it was one of Starscream’s clones. The premise here has both Starscream and Arachnig plotting separate assassinations, unknown to each other, against Megatron with their newfound armada with Bulkhead caught in the middle, which is what this episode refers to. Starscream created several clones of himself as he can feel their pains and emotions while Arachnid controls a horde of Insecticons she found underground. Three or four things were happening in this episode. Among them was Arcee settling the score with Arachnid that resulted the stasis capture of Arachnid, who is now held prisoner in the Autobots’ base. I thought Bulkhead died and sacrificed himself when he breached the Decepticon warship’s core. Things have changed where Megatron now has the Insecticons at his disposal. Both Starscream and Arachnid have failed thanks to Megatron, Arcee, and Bulkhead. I find it hard believe it would take a majority of the episode for Bulkhead to find a way out of the Decepticon warship as this was done to keep him out of the loop. This was a much, much better episode than Grill.


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