Thundercats – The Pit review

The Pit introduces a new Thundercat named Pumyra. In the original series, she’s a medic. In this reboot, she’s a feraled enslaved gladiator who has no love for Lion-O after accusing him of causing the Thunderians to be enslaved by Mumm-Ra. I wish they would show this in a flashback of how that happened instead of the backstory involving Panthro and the dog warrior Dobo, who is his friend. Lion-O and Pumyra were forced to fight each other and Pumyra isn’t pulling any punches and was intent on trying to kill Lion-O, who gets back up to show her that he’s willing to stand by her and eventually got through to her. It’s going to be interesting to see how their relationship develops from this episode onwards. The only reason Pumyra beat Lion-O is because he refuses to fight back.The Thundercats need to expand their ranks and Pumyra would be a great addition to the team. The side story has Wilykit and Wilykat meet a thief named Tookit, whose thievery rivals their own. A good episode for Pumyra’s introduction.


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