Transformers Prime – Flying Mind review

The latest episode starts off the multi-episode arc that involves the Autobots and Decepticons on a race to find the Iacon artifacts that are hidden in New York. This was the prologue where the humans play a major role to start off this whole thing and their purpose was served in the end. Ever since the 2nd season started, the humans didn’t do much in comparison to the first season. Here the Decepticons’ ship is powered by Dark Energon and keeps both sides on a stasis lock, except for Ratchet. This was where the humans come in to put an end to it as they board inside it and deactivate it thus freeing both sides. They also served their purpose in getting the coordinates to the Iacon artifacts. Agent Fowler already had his moments in the last two episodes, but this is Jack, Raf, and Miko’s turn to shine. The ship starts to have a mind of its own and this could easily be Trypticon if it wanted to. It’d be cool to see a Prime version of him. A good prologue episode here as I feel the 2nd season is a lot better than the first.


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