Smallville 11th Season – Guardian review

It’s been a year since Smallville the television series ended and we get an 11th season in the form of both print and digital comics. It’s written by Smallville and comic book writer, Bryan Q. Miller, and drawn by Pere Perez. The name of the season premiere first issue is called Guardian and this takes place six months after the Finale. Six months after Clark first flew and wore the suit. The people all over the world are inspired by hope in the form of Clark’s new superhero persona, Superman, and he has a new suit without the red trunks. That suit should have been the suit for the Finale instead of the Superman Returns suit. After 10 years, Tom Welling deserved to have his own Superman suit instead of wearing someone else’s. Reading this felt like a Smallville episode and works as a season premiere.

Most of the cast from the Finale are in this issue, except for Lionel Luthor, but Tess is in this first issue. It’s not known if the Tess that died in the Finale was a clone or  this is an illusion like Jonathan Kent in the 10th season. I’d like to think the former. Clark is all over in this issue as himself and Superman and he has interacted with almost everyone, except for Chloe and General Sam Lane, who is also in this issue. The relationship between Clark and Lex is cordial because Clark has to be careful about his secrets when it comes to Lex. I think everyone knows about Tess’ death and the truth behind it.

I really hope Lois serves a better purpose in the 11th season than in the 10th season and that Oliver and Chloe don’t overshadow Clark and Lois. Bryan Miller doesn’t have to worry about the restrictions of No Tights, No Flights since that’s lifted in the Finale, along with budget. Here he can go all out. This is a great start to the comic series and a great start to the 11th season.


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