Nikita – Drop Dead review

As we get closer to the season finale, things are getting intense between Nikita and her team versus Percy and Division. Last week saw Sean avenge the death of his mother as that episode focused on him. In this one, he gets shot and gets taken care of by Alex causing the two to become closer as Sean is removed from the main episode storyline. Ryan wants the CIA director Morgan Kendrick to aid the team to take down Percy, but for some reason Nikita is against it just because she has negative history. However, it’s revealed that there is a literal connection between Division and Kendrick. This causes friction between Nikita and Michael, who takes Ryan’s side and ever since Wrath Nikita has become a lone rogue and less of a team player since she dealt with her dark side. What Nikita was planning to do to kill Kendrick has turned into a rescue mission as Birkhoff has revealed that he has s kill-chip in his heart that Percy could use anytime, except when they go underground like the subways. Speaking of Birkhoff, he has lost another place again thanks to Division. Good episode overall leading into the season finale.


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