Transformers Prime – Tunnel Vision review

Continuing from last week’s episode that launch this arc involving the search for the Iacon relics, both sides decide to split into small groups as we see Bumblebee, Arcee, Jack, and Miko going to New York City’s subways to find one artifact, but Knockout, an Insecticon, and several Vehicons are also on the race to find it as well. Jack and Miko meet a train worker who bears a resemblance to a young Fowler. The Autobots and humans have gained another new member and the relic, but Knockout stole the episode big time. This episode could do without Jack and Miko as they’re extraneous in this episode and already served their purpose last week. We see Miko being jealous of Jack, but I must step in to say that the first season saw plenty of focus on both Miko and Bulkhead. This season reduces her focus since it started. Good episode that continues from last week pretty well.


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