Young Justice – Earthlings review

Earthlings continues from the end of last week’s episode, Happy New Year, where Superboy, Miss Martian, and Beast Boy are at the planet Rann with Adam Strange to take out the aliens from the season premiere. In Rann, we meet Aleena and her scientist father. Throughout the episode, we see Miss Martian being a big sister to Beast Boy and we learn a bit more what happened to Beast Boy during the last five years. Beast Boy’s power came from Miss Martian where he’s able to shift into animals. Meanwhile, Superboy reveals to Aleena what happened between he and Miss Martian that caused him to end their relationship during the last five years. I can understand Superboy questioning Miss Martian about her mind rape of the alien, but she got the information concerning the Justice League’s 16 hour gap that will likely be revealed in the next episode. A good episode here as the show continues in the sci-fi direction.


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