Thundercats – Birth of the Blade review

Birth of the Blade continues from The Pit and Curse of Ratilla where we see Mumm-Ra and his army going after the Sword of Plundarr, which Lion-O and Pumyra are using to get away from them. Lion-O and Pumyra are in the bulk of the episode while the rest wait in the Thundertank. The relationship between Lion-O and Pumyra heats up as there is still tension between them. Pumyra has taken over Tygra’s role until the end when he saves her, but loses the Sword of Plundarr to Mumm-Ra and if Mumm-Ra is to be a continued threat to Lion-O and the Thundercats, then he has to take back his sword. This was an answer to last week’s episode where they showcased Tygra and Cheetara’s relationship at the same time paralleling Leo/ Panthera. Last week, Pumyra was warm and flirting towards Lion-O and this week saw her being antagonistic once again as her criticism seem out-of-place in this episode much like her flirting was in last week’s. If I wrote this episode, I’d have Pumyra being warm and flirty with Lion-O after the cat slaves were free.

The episode gives us flashbacks to Leo/ Panthera on what happened before Legacy and how the Sword of Plundarr was created, which is what the episode title refers to. Panthera is what Cheetara should be in looking at the big picture and I wish they bring Panthera into the present. The blacksmith who forged both swords may be an ancestor to Bengali and it could foreshadow his arrival, but I’m not sure with four episodes left for this season.

There are still feelings between Lion-O and Pumyra as the writers are trying to prevent making the same mistake they did with Lion-O/ Cheetara. I like it when Lion-O told Pumyra to stay focused on getting away from Mumm-Ra. Since Mumm-Ra got his sword back, I can see Tygra, Cheetara, and Panthro blaming both Lion-O and Pumyra for it in the next episode. Great episode here as we still have the twins to cover.


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