Young Justice Invasion – Alienated review

A lot can change in five years and this episode is an example of that, especially what happened to the former Aqualad as he’s revealed to work with his true father, Black Manta, after blaming his former teammates now enemies for the death of Tula and Aquaman for hiding the truth from him all this time. I wonder if his turn has caused Kid Flash and Artemis to leave the team as well. Black Manta has joined the Light after the death of Ocean Master.

This continued from last week’s episode, Earthlings, where Miss Martian reveals what happened to the Justice League in the missing 16 hours where they were revealed to destroy alien worlds causing the Krolotean invasion of Earth. Speaking of Miss Martian, she has gotten darker by each episode where she seems to enjoy mind raping the Kroloteans.

It’s good to see the superhero families such as Superman’s, Batman’s, Wonder Woman’s, and Martian Manhunter’s. Out of those families, Batman has his entire family with Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl. Superman and Superboy’s relationship has gotten better since in this season than the first season while Wonder Girl has a fangirl moment with Wonder Woman.

This season is hitting on all cylinders as each episode leads in directly to the next whereas the first season has most stand-alone episodes. A great episode overall that would have the team to operate by itself without the Justice League from this point onwards.


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