Transformers Prime – Triangulation review

The Search For The Iacon relics continues and this time it involves Optimus Prime, Starscream, and Dreadwing as they represent each of their sides respectively. Jack and Miko have been used in the last couple of episodes, but this time it’s Raf who is now doing the bridge controls for the Autobots and Agent Fowler has recovered from his ordeal. Optimus sends out Ratchet and Bulkhead on separate assignments as they plant seeds for the next episode. But Prime, Starscream, and Dreadwing are the main focus of the episode as they want the Apex Armor for different reasons, but as Optimus Prime and Dreadwing battle each other Starscream got a hold of the Apex Armor and turns out to be more powerful when he uses it. The only problem is that he can’t fly. Prime and Dreadwing were forced to work together to deal with Starscream, but Prime also wanted Dreadwing to join the Autobots. Lately, we’ve been getting Optimus Prime Vs. Dreadwing this season since they brought in Dreadwing. So far, the Autobots have 1 relic, the Decepticons have several from early this season, and Starscream now has one as well. A good episode to advance the relics plot.


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