Transformers Japanese Collection Super-God Masterforce DVD review

Today I had the fortune of buying the Transformers Masterforce DVD set released by Shout Factory, who has done an incredible job releasing the other Transformers series such as the original, Beast Wars, Headmasters, and Prime. The focus is on Masterforce as it takes place after the events of Headmasters and it’s made in Japan after the US run was over. In this, we have the Powermasters, Headmasters, Targetmasters, Pretender Shells, and even  a double agent. Between Headmasters, Masterforce, and Victory, Masterforce is my favorite mainly because it has Powermaster Optimus Prime aka God Ginrai in Japan.

The art in this Japanese series is excellent for its time in 1988 and the animation is superb. This was around the same time Akira came out. The set has 5 discs and each disc has either 8-9 episodes each. The quality of the video is beautifully remastered by Shout Factory along with the audio. The only audio is Japanese with the option of tuning the English Subtitles on or off. The only special feature is the art gallery. It’s a wonderful set to have as I wanted an official release of this series and the wait was worth  it.

Is this a high recommender for Transformers fans? You bet. It is the complete series of 42 episodes so you don’t have to worry about getting another volume. This would be the second Japanese collection trilogy with the first being Headmasters and third being Victory. Don’t get other releases unless you live in a foreign country due to DVD region codes. I’d put this with the original series.


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