Farewell Donna Summer 1948-2012

Donna Summer, The Queen of Disco, has passed away at the age of 63 after battling cancer. She was the Queen of Disco in that her hits would bring people of all races together and went beyond disco as the 70’s came to a close with hits such as Hot Stuff, Bad Girl, and my favorite Dim All The Lights. A cross-generational pop star, she would also have renewed success in the 80’s with hits such like She Works Hard For The Money and This Time It’s For Real with MTV, which was the first time I saw her. Donna Summer was on the Casablanca record label, the same label that KISS was under and KISS would be influenced by her with their disco hit, I Was Made For Loving You. She was a 5-time Grammy Award winner and the first to get #1 on three albums back-to-back. Summer was nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but never inducted and that’s unfortunate because she deserved to be in there more so than acts of recent years. Donna Summer will be missed by her family, fans, and the music industry worldwide. Her music and legend lives on.


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